Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mitchell: “Saturday night we’re having dinner with Pepper, Longines, and Crispin.”
Cameron: “They’re our gay friends.”
Mitchell: “I think that was clear. I’ve been spending a lot of time with a lot of straight people lately, and, darlin’, I need a night with my homies.”
Cameron: “You mean homos.” 

Bailey: I need you to drive into the woods and talk Derek into coming back here. And I believe you also might run into Callie Torres, with a flat tire or a broken heel or an… ax-wielding serial killer.
Owen: You’re serious?
Bailey: See, I sent Torres after Shepherd, and she’s fallen off the grid. Her phone goes straight to voicemail. Okay, I’m not normally a panicky person, but I’m a fan of daytime television, and you know, the mind creates these scenarios— uh. never mind. I- I need you to go get Torres and Shepherd and bring them back here before the Chief notices that any of you are gone

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